Shisha Lounge

The Royal Way to Enjoy Shisha

Smoking hookah has been a cultural asset originating from the 16th century. Finding the perfect royal way to enjoy hookah, was no easy business. Partnering with brings a smooth and royal way to enjoy shisha right in our Lounge. From Switzerland to Turkey to Dubai, only the finest materials and components are imported to reach our patrons for a smoking experience like no other. The really royal way…

Our Sophistication

The Art of Smoking Hookah

Hookah smoking is an art in itself. Starting with the gathering of components, such as glass, real stainless steel are filled with iced water for a refreshing take on your throat. The shisha is then packed with a selection of royal fruity flavors for you to choose from, and topped with charcoal for only the finest, smoothest smoke.

Hookah smoking is a mixture of art form and sophistication in smoke, concocted out of specially chosen ingredients and materials with a wide selection of choices. Precious materials and components are Internationally curated and especially imported with only the best products from our Shisha partner from Switzerland to Turkey to Dubai to reach its way to for our patrons’ truly valuable smoking experience.

Our Products is bringing both classic and unique flavors for Hookah connoisseurs in Jakarta. Using a premium tobacco brand «Doobacco», our hookah mixes includes watermelon, mint and honeydew for those who enjoys the fruit based mixes, while double Apple and Grape are special flavors for those who likes the basic arabic taste.

Among all the options, “Double Apple” is a signature flavor that is a must-try for every Hookah lovers in Jakarta. It has a rich blend of fruity sensation and sweetness. It presents a great balance of classic and modern flavors.