Cuisines of India

First established in Singapore, Kinara is a celebration of Indian culture that brings the best of Indian and Moroccan cuisine, music, decor and ambience in the entirety of its diversity, all in one venue. We then arrived in Indonesia with the very same concept, where for 16 years KINARA has resided in the heart of South Jakarta’s commercial night life district, located in Kemang.

KINARA in Hindi translates into edge or meeting point. At KINARA Restaurant we are a meeting point and a balancing blend of edgy sophisticated venue for entertainment as well as shared culinary experiences.

Crafted from three of our International dedicated kitchens, Indian Master Chefs head our Halal kitchens, to patron for those seeking to experience the best and finest of authentic Indian dishes.

India’s culinary experience begins with appetizing vegetarian samosas, followed by curry dishes of India’s common delicacies. Cleanse your palate with our Kulfi home made ice cream dessert and variety of dairy Indian beverages to end your meal. Our delicacies may be common of India, yet our recipes stay true to its origin and as close to homemade loving as they come.


Tingle your tastebuds with dishes for you, specially prepared with precision in authenticity from our Indian chefs.



Tandoor Platter
The best way to savour our kebabs. A variety of prawns, lamb, fish and chicken kebabs.

Masala Papadam
Spicy Indian crackers, flavored with black pepper and topped with onion and tomatoes.

Papri Chaat
Round savory chips wrapped in tangy tamarind and yoghurt sauce.


Tandoor Platter (Vegetarian)
A combination of cottage cheese, capsicum, cauliflower and sweet potato kebab.

Hara Kebab
Deep fried spinach, cottage cheese and potato patties, spiced with aromatic herbs.

Vegetable Samosa
The ever popular pyramids, made with spiced potatoes stuffed in flaky pastry and deep fried.

Onion Bhaj
Tasty sliced onions mixed in gram flour batter, deep fried and served with green chutney.


Speciality from the South of India, spicy chicken flavored with curry leaves and mustard seeds.

Kaafir Murgh
Cripsy fried slices of chicken with hint of fresh kaafir (lemon) leaf.


Keema Samosa
The ever popular pyramids, made with spiced minced lamb stuffed in flaky pastry and deep fried.

Gosht Shammi Kebab
The traditional kebabs made of minced mutton cooked with the Bengal gram and deep fried.


Kashmiri Raita
A variety of colorful fruits make this raita tasty as well as nutritional.

Tomato Soup
Cream of tomato soup.

Mulligatawny Soup
A traditional soup of lentils tempered with curry leaves and fresh coconut.

Kebabs from Tandoor


Paneer Tikka
Pieces of cottage cheese marinated in Indian Spices, yoghurt mix, grilled in Tandoor.


Murgh Pasanda Kebab
Chicken marinated with rich almond paste and cheese, finished with a sprinkle of saffron.

Murgh Malai Tikka
Creamy kebabs of chicken blended with cream cheese and lemon juice, roasted in the clay oven.

Murgh Tika
Kebab of chicken blended with garam masala and yoghurt, roasted in clay oven.


Seekh Kebab
Tender rolls of succulent minced lamb, skewered and grilled over charcoal fire.


Tandoori Jheenga
Tiger prawns marinated in mustard powder and spices, cooked on charcoal.

Machili Tikka
Fish marinated in a combination of yoghurt and spices, char grilled.

Main Course


Karhai Paneer
Cottage cheese, green peppers and red onions with roasted whole black pepper and coriander seeds, blended with tomato gravy.

Paneer Makni
Cottage cheese cubes served in velvety tomato gravy enriched with honey.

Palak Paneer
Spinach & homemade cottage cheese cooked with a hint of garlic.

Mutter Paneer
Cottage cheese cooked with green peas in masala. A delicate dish of the mughals.

Paneer Butter Masala
Pieces of cottage cheese sauteed and simmered in rich onion & tomato sauce made with cardamom and butter.

Bhindi Do Piyaza
Succulent pieces of baby okra cooked in an onion gravy and baby onions.

Bhuna Baingan Bharta
Fresh eggplant baked on a low flame, mashed and sauteed with onions and cooked with Indian spices.

Aloo Gobhi
Vegetable combination, made of cauliflower and potatoes cooked with ginger curry sauce.

Palak Korma
Mild North Indian dish, Grated cottage cheese simmered in fresh spinach with onion and garlic.

Kinara Kofta
First choice for vegetable lover. Cottage cheese dumpling coated with spinach and cooked in rich tomato gravy.

Khumb Mutter Masala
Fresh button mushroom and green peas cooked with masala and onion gravy.

Vegetable Vindaloo
Seasonal vegetables cooked with freshly ground spices.

Achari Vegetable Korma
Garden fresh vegetables enriched in yoghurt gravy.

Dal Kinara
Black lentils, tomates, ginger and garlic simmered overnight on slow charcoal fire enriched with cream.


Prawn Vindaloo
Selected pieces of prawns cooked with freshly ground spices and potatoes.

Machili Makanwala
Tilapia fish tikka cooked with tomato gravy enriched with butter.

Goa Fish Curry
A coconut and raw mango flavored fish curry.

Prawn Masala
Tiger prawn with brown onion and tomato gravy.


Sikandar Raan (Half/Whole Leg)
5 hours braised whole leg of lamb marinated with whole Indian Spices, finished in tandoor. (Option for marination without dark rum)

Rogan Josh
A speciality of the house. Tender morsels of lamb simmered in curd with Kashmiri herbs and spices.

Saag Gosht
Lamb chunks cooked in a mild and aromatic paste of spinach and green coriander.

Gosht Shahi Korma
Mildly prepared lamb, delicately flavored in cashew nut gravy, simmered in its own juices.

Gosht Vindaloo
Spiced pieces of lamb cooked with freshly whole ground spices and potatoes.

Mutton Masala
Smi-dry preparation of mutton cooked in masala and onion gravy.

Keema Mutter
A speciality of North Indian minced mutton and green peas cooked.


Tandoor Murgh (Half/Whole Chicken)
The ‘King of Kebabs’ – a well known Indian delicacy of barbecued chicken.

Murgh Makani
Char grilled chicken served in velvety tomato gravy enriched with honey.

Murgh Kinara
The very famous tandoori chicken sliced and prepared in our chef ’s mixture of green pepper, onion and herbs.

Murgh Lababdar
Boneless pieces of chicken sauteed and simmered in rich onion and tomato sauce with cardamom and butter.

Murgh Vindaloo
Spiced selected pieces of chicken cooked with fresh ground spices and potatoes.

Saag Murgh
Boneless chicken cooked in an aromatic paste of spinach and garam masala.

Murgh Korma
Aromatic and mild chicken curry with almonds.

Murgh Tikka Masala
Boneless chicken cooked in masala and onion gravy.

Rice Dishes


Gosht Biryani
Basmati rice simmered with lamb in mace and kewra essence.


Murgh Biryani
Spicy chicken cooked along with rice and special spices from Hyderabad.


Vegetable Biryani
Basmati rice simmered with fresh vegetables, finished with brown onion.

Lemon Rice
Lemon-scented rice tastefully blended with peanuts and curry leaves.

Sida Sadhai Chawal
Fluffy white long grained rice steamed to perfection with a tinge of saffron.

Pulao Rice
Pulao rice from coastal India.

Jeera Rice
Fluffy basmati rice cooked with a hint of cumin.


Assorted Bread Basket
Choice of 4 different bread items from our selection : Plain, Garlic, Butter Naan, Roti, Chapati or Paratha.

Romalee Roti (1 Piece)
Thin layer of bread.

Cheese Naan
Leavened bread stuffed with cheese, cooked in tandoor.

Plain Naan
Leavened refined flour bread made in tandoor in a teardrop shape.

Garlic Naan
Leavened refined flour bread, topped with garlic.

Butter Naan
Leavened refined flour bread made in tandoor and glazed with butter.

Chapati (1 Piece)
Thin Traditional Indian bread baked on a hot plate (Tawa).

Lachcha Paratha
A multi-layered bread from tandoor served with clarified butter.

Tandoori Roti
Whole wheat bread baked in the clay oven.

Keema Kulcha
Leavened bread stuffed with spiced minced lamb.

Roti Chany
Multi layered bread cooked on tawa with clarified butter.

Masala Kucha
A multi-layered bread from tandoor served with clarified butter.


Kesari Kulfi
A rich and creamy homemade Indian ice cream, flavored with pistachio, almond and saffron.

Gulab E Jaam
Syrup dipped fried dumplings of milk solids.

Gajer Ka Halwa
An exotic preparation of carrots with milk, garnished with raisins and nuts.

Moong Dal Halwa
Rich traditional dessert made from moong dal (Yellow lentils) finished with dry nuts.

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